The inspiration to write about cancer

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?
On one particular day, mangelinay friend asked me for a mere donation of 200rs i thought she must be crazy then she told it was for her student who was suffering from CERVICAL CANCER. I was really shocked to hear that this 26yr old girl already had cancer, underwent surgery, underwent radiotherapy and was finding difficulty for undergoing chemotherapy.
I contacted few of my friends and appealed through Facebook. help came from even the unexpected quarters. I was really moved by the gesture and humbleness of my fellow human beings to another human being.
I also learned lot of other heart wreaking stories of devastating cancer.
I also learned how people are having lot of ignorance and how they are living with lot of myth. So i thought i should do something to spread awareness regarding this CANCER.
A friend of mine Mr. Raghu told a novice way of reaching people through blogging.
Then i got this wonderful site WORDPRESS.COM
There was no turning back. within few minutes i was a blogger.


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