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When I completed my MBB, just like any other doctor I also had the only goal of making it big one day. But how? Just do a PG then do a super specialization and settle in life.
When I started perceiving my dream, it was a very difficult pathway. After 2 years of hard work, when I did not get the PG seat I gave up and started working. I joined Moulana hospital in Perinthalmanna, Kerala as a RMO in department of Cardiology.
On one particular day, sorry I don’t remember the date; I’m very week in math’s; after completing my night duty I was sleeping in my room, when I got a call from one of my friend from Karnataka. She was a friend of mine from my primary school and we were not in contact for the most of the last years. I don’t remember when I last talked with her, may be 5-6 years back. She was very jealous of me because I got into MBBS and she was forced to satisfy with B.Sc nursing. This was the only reason for our break-up. Funny no, these so called teenage rivalries. Even though we were not talking, I had her phone number collected from a mutual friend, so when I got the call, her name was flashing in my LED display.
Cursing under my voice for the disturbance in my sleep I picked up the call and told “Hello Neetha, what a pleasant surprise. What made you call me after so many years? Are you calling me to invite me to your marriage? What is your fiancé doing.” I wanted not to show the excitement in my voice of receiving her call but here I was talking continuously even without a pause and completely out of my sleep.
But her voice was very dull “Hi Anil. Sorry for not calling you before. I thought you should have called me before.” She told
“Always you feminists tell ‘Ladies first, ladies first, ladies first’ then you could have taken the initiative and called me before” I vented my Dissatisfaction.
There was unexpected calmness from her side. She was the one who used to ignite the quarrel between us. But today she was very calm. I quickly thought she may be in real trouble otherwise she is not the one to be quite. So I asked in a concerned voice asked “Neetha, is everything alright.’’
“I thought after becoming a ‘Doctor’ you may be little bit matured but you are as always as before a immature fool.” there was a mixture of sarcasm and being hurt.
“Sorry Neetha for talking with you like this. But I did not mean to hurt you.”
I thought it is best to leave teasing her and should get to lighten the situation. After few minutes of personal updates and conveying regards to our respective parents and brothers and sisters and a promise of meeting her when I visit my home next time she became cool.
“I called you today to know whether you were interested in doing some donation.” She told at last the real intension of calling me.
“oh, sure, anything for you darling.” I had forgotten all the misunderstanding we had with that short talk. Don’t you people think in this material world, because of the ego of the individuals we lose lot of our loved ones and friends? First we think let they call us then we will start thinking he is really proud of himself, so I’ll not care about him, if he does not want to talk with me I also don’t want to talk with him. Like on like this. All we don’t know is the other person will also be thinking the same and our egos won’t allow us to call each other. But believe me it takes only a second to forget the ego and talk with our loved ones or our friends.
I was really happy to get back my childhood friend back. The only thing which is bothering me till now is I should have been the first to call her.
My friend Neetha had studied her B.Sc nursing from JSS College of nursing, Mysore. After completion of her graduation, she had joined as lecturer in the same college and was happy teaching her students. She had married his childhood heart throb and was having a little angle in her house in the form of her daughter Aahna.
“One of my students by name, Vijaya (name changed) is suffering from cervical cancer.” Neetha told “She is from a very poor family; her parents have spent all the money at their disposal for the sake of her treatment. She has undergone Hysterectomy already and now she has to undergo Chemotherapy and radiotherapy to prevent the relapse. I have tried maximum to help her. My colleagues and other students have helped her a lot. Now they are also helpless and not in the state of helping her, so I thought you may be happy in doing so.”
“I will be glad to help. Just send me the account number of your student, I will send the money.” I told and hang up the phone.
That day I lost my sleep. Even though I had come back from night duty, I was not getting sleep. I got up immediately logged on into my FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and updated my status asking for donation from my fb friends. I was astonished and also embarrassed by the sympathy and prayers of hundreds of my friends. They promised me that they will help me in my mission of helping this vijaya.
It was possible for me to collect 9000rs in a single day and the next day I had deposited the money in the account of the girl Vijaya.
My doctor colleagues had donated willingly and heartily. I’m really thankful for them.
The surprised donors were a friend of mine Dr. Abdul Nasti from Jammu and Kashmir and a part time politician and full time businessman in the gulf Mr. Abdul Gafoor.
I got donation from the unknown and unexpected quarters but the people I knew and those who had promised me that they will help did not come forward in the last moment.
Anyhow I’m happy I could help someone. I’ll be thankful to my friend Neetha for giving this opportunity.
Later I started getting stories of people suffering from cancer in my face book status.
I was lucky enough to help only the few fortuned, because I also had few limitations.
The real inspiration for my work I do is from the calls I get from the people I try to help. The real and heartwarming love and blessings from these people are the inspiration for me to help others. The satisfaction I get when a person’s pain is reduced is the only expectation from me. I will be glad if It is possible for me to be able to wipe the tears of a single person. I will thank the almighty whole heartedly for providing me with this unique opportunity.
I want other peoples also to participate in this work of spreading the awareness so I started CANCERMONOLOGUE.
I’m available at
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3. http://www.facebook.com/CancerMonologue login and like the page for updates.
4. Tweet @gowda_anilkumar on twitter.
5. Mail me at dranilmmc@yahoo.com
I will be glad to hear from you all and you can send me your stories if you want it to be published.


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  2. Pingback: About the inspiration | cancermonologue's Blog

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